Advantech Wireless Releases New 3kW C-Band Outdoor Modular Satellite SSPA System

Montreal, CANADA – May 31, 2017 – Advantech Wireless, a global leader in satellite broadband communications solutions, announced today the release of the new 3kW C-Band Outdoor Modular/SummitTM Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) System.

Designed to be used as direct replacement of older generation Klystrons or TWTs these very high power, all outdoor ruggedized systems, allow operation over the entire C-band spectrum with multiple carriers. Offering wide bandwidth and outstanding linearity, the new modular SummitTM systems have built-in redundancy with soft failure mode and are able to operate simultaneously on both polarizations or on a single polarization with double amount of power.

“This new design concept is in response to the higher power and wider bandwidth demand of traditional large teleports,” stated Cristi Damian, VP Business Development at Advantech Wireless. “This powerful modular system, with built in redundancy can transmit either 1.7kW on both polarizations simultaneously or 3kW on any polarization. This added flexibility allows the system to be ready now, without extra investment, for new higher order modulation and error correcting codes and data rates as specified in DBV-S2X. Combined with a high gain antenna, this system can completely saturate all transponders on a typical satellite with drastic reductions in operating expenses by reducing protected power requirements. It is a change that most teleports could benefit from in order to stay competitive in an aggressive market.”

The design of the 3kW C-Band Outdoor SSPA is based on Advantech Wireless’ industry-proven reliable Solid State Power Amplifiers and over 25 years of experience with high-reliability systems.