Advantech Wireless Introduces 3D BoD Bandwidth-on-Demand for ASAT II Multiservice VSAT System

Montreal, CANADA – March 29, 2017 – Advantech Wireless, a global leader in satellite broadband communications solutions released today its 3-Dimensional Bandwidth-on-Demand Scheduling and Bandwidth Allocation System – 3D-BoD™.

To address the high complexity of new generation satellite services without degrading service quality, Advantech Wireless recently introduced WaveSwitch™, its novel service modeling architecture that dynamically optimizes waveform assignment to achieve the highest application performance, with minimum satellite bandwidth resources.

Advantech Wireless new ASAT II™ WaveSwitch™ technology is based on a 3-dimentional BoD (Bandwidth-on-Demand) model factoring Bandwidth, Waveforms, and Service Level Commitments. 3D-BoD delivers Advantech Wireless customers the best possible service, with the highest quality and the most efficient bandwidth utilization.

Advantech Wireless practices optimal bandwidth management techniques in order to optimize bandwidth management availability to support multi service and variated SLA (Service Level Agreement) delivery. With multi-service traffic flows, a variety of applications, different traffic density rates, and varying bandwidth peaks, WaveSwitch™ achieves the best service quality and user experience to customers in the most bandwidth efficient means by combining the power of all 3 waveforms dynamically in real time manner.

“With HTS bandwidth abundance and lower costs, vendors must address new SATCOM systems requirements for multiservice and the seamless integration of SCPC high data rate capabilities with MF-TDMA VSAT high oversubscription capabilities into a single platform,” said Oscar Glottmann, CMO Satellite Networks Business Unit at Advantech Wireless. “For the first time, based on 3D-BoD and WaveSwitch technologies, Advantech Wireless delivers on-the-fly waveform switching between MF-TDMA, Adaptive SCPC (ASCPC™) and real bi-directional SCPC in its new generation ASAT II multi-service VSAT platform. Together with our multiplatform VSAT Modems supporting the three waveforms, ASAT II delivers unparalleled satcom multi-service capabilities.