Advantech Wireless Emergency Recovery Team restores link between Antigua and Barbuda

Montreal, CANADA – September 29, 2017 – Advantech Wireless, a privately-held Canadian corporation and manufacturer of Satellite, RF Equipment and Microwave Systems announced today that the Microwave Link connecting the islands of Antigua and Barbuda is fully operational again after Hurricane Irma caused major destruction in several countries of the Caribbean.

On September 25th 2017, Advantech Wireless deployed an emergency telecommunications team and equipment to the Caribbean Islands as a response effort after the massive devastation caused by Category 5 Hurricane Irma. The British Virgin Islands, Barbuda and St. Martin suffered extensive damage from one of the strongest storms to hit the region in a decade. Hurricane Irma also affected the communications, power and water infrastructure, leaving many communities without water, food, or power. After 10 days, a second Category 5 storm, Hurricane Maria, hit the Caribbean Islands, causing huge devastation to Dominica, and other islands that were previously affected by Irma.

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