Advantech Wireless Delivers A-SAT-II Advanced Satellite Networking Solution for a Latin American National Police Force

Montreal, CANADA – August 2, 2016 – Advantech Wireless, a global leader for High Throughput Satellite (HTS) broadband communications solutions announced today the successful delivery and upgrade of an end-to-end advanced VSAT network solution to an undisclosed National Police Force in a Latin American country. The network, which covers the country’s entire land area, includes internet for police use, and beyond line-of-site communications for security. The ruggedized remote terminals are able to cover the diverse topography of the nation and accommodate flexible and expandable satellite resources.

In 2007 the customer selected and installed a VSAT network solution from Advantech Wireless in order to offer internet services to more than 200 remote Police bases located in rural sites. In 2015, Advantech Wireless was selected to provide a FTDMA VSAT Network Solution, adding options for A-SAT-IITM and SCPC upgrades. Advantech Wireless also provides in-country operation and maintenance services using Advantech Wireless personnel.

The upgrade started in January 2016 including one new Discovery 100 Hub with A-SAT-IITM  Optimization and Advantech Wireless’ S4120 remote terminals in order to connect more than 250 remote sites with a renewed network performance. The Advantech Wireless solution also includes versatile and high portable VSATs systems including FlyAway and DriveAway portable antennas installed in police trucks and tracking systems.

“Our customer had faced the challenge of protecting the country’s civil order in a large land area, with diverse geography including rugged mountains separating coastal areas on the Caribbean Sea and on the Pacific Ocean’” said Oscar Glottman, Chief Marketing Officer of Advantech Wireless’ VSAT Business Unit. “Using the enhanced Advantech Wireless system a network node in an emergency site can be assembled and deployed in under 15 minutes and is used for fast deployment of Help Assistance Centers in case of fires, floods or earthquakes.”