Advantech Wireless completes Multi-Million-Dollar delivery of its new 1.2-meter Engage class FlyAway VSAT System for a military Customer in Latin America

Montreal, CANADA – October 09, 2015 – Advantech Wireless, a global leader in Satellite broadband communications solutions, announced today that it has completed delivery of a multi-million-dollar order of 1.2m EngageTM class High Performance VSAT FlyAway Terminals.

“We have been selected by our customer with a clear mission to deliver the best FlyAway Satellite solution available. The result is the new EngageTM class 1.2m antenna, which includes advanced Modem, RF and self-pointing antenna technology. Each system as deployed includes all the required positioning tools, routers, IP Phones, UPS, and test equipment to make a self-sufficient terminal. The units are user deployable and compliant to both MIL STD 188-164A and MIL-STD 810F,” said Cristi Damian, VP Business Development at Advantech Wireless.

This flexible and transportable VSAT solution from Advantech Wireless is a fully integrated tri-band system designed for easy deployment and use. The terminal is based on a high efficiency, ruggedized tri-band 1.2 Meter Motorized Auto-acquire Antenna, which can cover X-band, Ku-Band, or Ka-Band, by replacing the feed only.

The new EngageTM class 1.2m Flyaway VSAT Solution includes the most advanced SATCOM technology available today. The RF section includes the award winning Second Generation GaN (Gallium Nitride) based technology SSPA/SSPBs. The system is equipped with a 50W X-Band SSPB, a 50W Ku-Band SSPB or a 20W Ka-Band SSPB.

The terminal has built in a unique triple access mode satellite modem based on the award winning Adaptive Satellite Access Technology (A-SAT-IITM) allowing the same modem to operate in 3 different access wave forms and achieve the most efficient bandwidth utilization possible. The terminal can change between MF-TDMA (for low data rate, high bandwidth efficient traffic), Burst Mode-FDMA (for medium data rate, high QoS and low jitter traffic), and SCPC (for high data rate traffic, with dedicated bandwidth and maximum QoS.) This flexibility gives the network operator the ability provide optimal service in all conditions with minimal satellite resources.