Actus presents at NAB 2016: Change-Tracker (for comparing two video streams) and NLC (Near Live Clips for OTT)

Actus released a new Change-Tracker engine for comparing outgoing and off-air feeds and flagging significant differences according to user-defined rules. These combined functionalities allow regionalized versions of the content to be monitored from multiple sites, ensuring that clients’ brand is retained wherever they are viewed.

Change Tracker

Change-Tracker features the ability to compare two linear feeds, like a primary channel and an affiliate channel, and to automatically detect any variation or modification in the secondary feed. The broadcast operator is notified automatically on all the segments in the streams that were modified.

The benefits of Change-Tracker include the assurance that all channels are being aired exactly as planned, that no program or Ads modifications were introduced, and eventual modifications would be flagged and reported. The engine can track a large number of channels, fully automatically, fast, accurately, thus saving manual work.

New NLC (Near Live Clips) technology

Actus will present at NAB 2016 its latest release of Actus Media Platform, version 5.9.

The main emphasis of this release is a new and improved ClipFactory™ product, for content creation, repurposing and sharing. Actus ClipFactory™ provides broadcasters and content owners’ tools for clips creation and delivery to OTT, social media, Catchup TV or VOD, to increase viewer’s engagement and ads revenues.

Actus ClipFactory™ is a cost-effective, scalable and reliable platform for fast conversion of linear TV into clips, including editing, Ads removal, adding overlays, and delivering various subtitle formats suitable for Internet.

The new improvements presented at NAB 2016 will include a streamlined workflow that starts with the integration to Automation systems and AsRunLog files through an API, for a fully automated process. The new API for clips editing and automatic removal of Ads is now frame accurate. And, the new NLC technology (Near Live Clips) allows editing and preparation of clips just a few seconds after their airing on linear TV and delivering to OTT, VOD or Catchup TV, via CDN, FTP and Internet, just a few minutes later.

In addition, Actus will present at NAB 2016 the other products of its Media Platform: ActusView™ for compliance recording (WITH Loudness and Closed caption), Actus AdWatch™ for automatic ads tracking and ads verification, Actus RatingAnalyzer™ for tracking competitor’s viewership and Actus AlertCenter™ for broadcast quality assurance.