Actus Clip Factory new release – now with more automation, integration and speed

Tel Aviv, Israel – 12/22/15 11:00AM EST- Actus Digital, a developer of Web based broadcast monitoring platform, announced today the release of Clip Factory 5.9. Clip Factory provides a complete solution: recording linear broadcast, through frame accurate clip editing, and up to preparing the content for any online media platform.

Modern broadcasters need to distribute their TV content to a multitude of online media platforms such as OTT, Internet or mobile. Actus Clip Factory meets all the challenges.

Actus Clip Factory 5.9 brings significant improvements and is based on requests coming from the industry: it is faster and simpler.

It is faster than before as the operators can start preparing the clips right after the content has been aired, with faster transcoding time.

It is simpler due to the integration with EPG, As Run Log, other data file, which automatically imports the frame accurate markings for the re-purposing.

“Actus Clip Factory 5.9 provides a full content creation solution”, says Sima Levy, Actus CEO, “from one intuitive shared platform we provide fast creation of clips for distribution: from ingest of live feeds, through automatic or semi-automatic frame accurate clips marking, and up to delivery of multiple clips in various bit-rates, resolutions, into various OTT devices, all done in parallel, fast, and reliably.”