Actus at Content and Communication World (CCW, Stand 1257) in New York

October, 2015: At CCW 2015, Actus will present Actus broadcast monitoring intelligent Platform, including all the applications offered:

 Actus View for broadcast recording and monitoring:

The Actus View is an enhanced web based video recording solution for capturing any number of audio and video channels, from any input or any format. The media is saved in any bitrate, any resolution and for any retention period. Powerful player allows to easily navigate and retrieve the relevant content, add bookmarks, create and export clips, transcode to any format and distribute the content to anywhere needed: FTP, Social network, etc. Actus View supports the recording of multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitles, Teletext, Closed Caption or EPG. Actus broadcast monitoring platform serves as a compliance logging system, and provides cross organization tools, all from a shared web based platform.

Actus Clip Factory for content creation for OTT:

The ActusClip Factory is a powerful product capable of automating your content clips creation and transcoding workflow, enhancing your media with metadata, thumbnail or overlays. Clip Factory is an alternative to various combinations of capture and encoding, editing, transcoding and delivery solutions. Clip Factory incorporates video recording, content extraction, editing, metadata, transcoding and delivery management into a single streamlined solution. With full support in HD quality, frame accurate clips, the clips for OTT, CatchUP TV, VOD, any other media platform, will be created and distributed as fast as possible, in the most cost effective way.

 Actus Rating Analyzer:

Actus Rating Analyzer provides efficient rating and competitive analysis tools. It provides a clear graphical view of all rating information, yours and competitors’, along with the actual broadcast media. The clear rating and demographic data display allows you to get an easy at-a-glance information from all numbers and charts received from the rating companies. The end result is a far more accurate analysis of the content, which allows research teams to give much more informative and accurate recommendations, leading to better program planning, ad placement, and even more viewers watching the shows – all significantly increasing revenues.

 Actus Adwatch for automatic ads detection:

Actus AdWatch is a cost effective platform for ads verification and tracking. It offers an advanced audio and video based content detection solution combined with a robust feature-set allowing detection of recurring content in linear broadcasts. Actus Adwatch for content detection will track new ads automatically, eliminating the operator’s need to track a new ad manually. An integrated report generator allows to export any clip, according to any criteria.

 Actus AlertCenter:

Remote/Local Broadcast Quality Assurance: ActusAlertCenter continuously performs quality checks on your feeds. If an audio or video problem is detected, such as loss of audio or video signal, frozen picture or any other nuance – Actus View alerts you in multiple ways: audible signal, onscreen notifications with alert descriptions and can also send a detailed notification via email or SNMP to your desired recipients. The proactive status alerts let administrators solve problems immediately and optimize transmissions.

Actus Change Tracker:

Compare between two video streams. Actus new announced product, Change Tracker, is for comparing outgoing and off-air feeds and flagging significant differences according to user-defined rules. These combined functionalities allow regionalized versions of the content to be monitored from multiple sites, ensuring that clients’ brand values are retained wherever they are viewed.

About Actus Digital

Actus Digital delivers an industry-leading intelligent broadcast monitoring platform for video recording, tagging, monitoring, analysis and content repurposing for OTT, catch-up TV, VOD or mobile platforms. Actus’s easy-to-use web-based solutions are answering the broadcast media management needs of broadcasters and government agencies; cable, satellite and IPTV providers; and advertising, media agencies and content producers around the world. Actus’s solutions enable media monitoring, ad detection for ad verification and rating analysis, legal compliance and extensive automated exporting tools for content repurposing and rebroadcasting linear broadcasts to the Internet and mobile phones. Leveraging emerging web technologies and IT standard hardware, Actus’s solutions are highly scalable systems, ideal for cross-organizational content analysis and content repurposing. Actus’s next-generation solutions complement any broadcast workflow, empowering operators with purpose-built tools for acquiring, viewing, analyzing and re-purposing transmissions from channels around the world. Its impressive customer list includes global high-end media players