2wcom’s FMC01 – a versatile Solution for FM MPX Distribution over IP

The FMC01 is groundbreaking compact codec for high-quality FM MPX distribution via IP with synchronization in microsecond range and short delay. The device allows 100% loss less audio encoding and decoding of MPX audio bands (mono, stereo). To ensure best signal quality, the codec is equipped with a high-end converter (ADC, DAC) and supports sample rates of 132 -192
kHz with 16, 20 or 24 bits resolution.

The FMC01 allows broadcasters to achieve substantial savings by simplifying the delivery infrastructure. Integrated in FM studios the device not only encodes the signal for FM MPX distribution via IP, but also reduces the bandwidth appropriate for IP, digitalize/encode the FM MPX signal and output it over IP. At transmitter site, the codec receives and decodes the FM MPX signal and RDS data from IP stream for transmission. Hence, at transmitter site it is no longer necessary to generate the MPX signal, or to use a RDS encoder and stereo generator.