2wcom – Update for the most versatile A30 Monitoring Receiver

Since launch in 2016, the versatile monitoring receiver is equipped with a wide range of highly user-oriented monitoring
functions, which enables operators to monitor single or multiple transmitter frequencies. Right from the beginning, the A30 has offered a number of interfaces including analog or digital audio input, MPX input, two analog or digital audio MPX outputs, GPIs, SNMP and two parallel MP3 streams.

Meanwhile, 2wcom added some further very useful features, such as the DAB+ module, the enhanced MPX measurement option and the usage as a backup rebroadcast receiver or as a RDS data-bridge. For this purpose, UECP commands are sent to an RDS encoder via UDP (IP). Additionally, listening to the audio is possible by an integrated MP3 player what makes an installation of an external software superfluous for this purpose.