2wcom—Technology Showcase + Product Debuts/Demos @ IBC2014

2wcom Systems will be introducing five new products that include solutions for audio-over-IP contribution/distribution, FM-to-IP (cable headend) provision, multi-role FM reception, and SFN operation, together with a new future-proof hardware platform. The company will be presenting their solutions at booth 8.E78.

MM01— Audio over IP Contribution/Distribution Solution—2wcom’s MM01 is a new compact multi-role solution for audio over IP targeted primarily at studio-transmitter link applications.

FM2TS Professional MPEG Encoding Gateway—The FM2TS is an 8-channel FM to MPEG Transport Stream IP gateway that can be used to provide FM audio to cable broadcasters, or to stream 8 FM channels to a quality assurance institution as part of an FM monitoring solution

 FM02 All-in-one FM Receiver Solution—The FM02 combines 2wcom’s expertise in FM and RDS Monitoring into a single unit that combines the functionality for the multiple roles of demodulation, source-switching for FM backup, and FM/RDS parameter monitoring

 Firefly DVB processing and contribution—for the first time, 2wcom’s parent company, WISI Communications, will present a new platform, specifically developed for broadcasters. This broadcast solution includes T2-MI de-encapsulation, PLP replacement and seamless ad-insertion as well as multi-feed SFN network synchronization, professional transport stream multiplexing.

 For additional details, please visit the 2wcom infosite at http://www.2wcom.com/